BTS: 5th Anniversary

  • April, 2020

“5th Anniversary” is a story about a young prim and proper Nigerian couple who get invaded by a local thug on their fifth wedding anniversary; upon realization that he is at the wrong house, topmost secrets begin to unveil and in the process, their marriage faces an unintended threat.

The twists and turns in the story all together make it an interesting, funny, thought-provoking and classy watch for not only the cerebrally savvy but also for anyone and everyone who loves creativity and pays the highest attention to details.


In our quest to achieve the best possible with this production, we have put together a carefully selected cast and crew who are not necessarily the biggest names in the industry presently but have sure carved a niche, each for themselves in their respective fields as extremely talented and highly professional individuals. They include:

1.Kunle Remi (Tinsel, Africa Magic) – Lead, Protagonist.

2.Seun Osigbesan (The Johnsons, Africa Magic) – Lead.

3.Segun Dangote (The Teju Babyface Show) – Supporting Lead.

4.Omowunmi Dada (Jemeji, Africa Magic) – Supporting Lead.

5.Muyideen Oladapo aka Lala (Yoruba Nollywood Actor) – Lead, Antagonist.

6.Lepacious Bose (Comedienne, Actor [The Wedding Party 1) – Supporting Lead.

7.Mecoyo Collins (MC, Comedian) – Supporting.

“5th Anniversary (The Movie)” is a cinema movie from the stable of iFocus Pictures Limited produced and directed by Oluyinka Davids; Award winning Nigeria born- South Africa trained Film maker and Cinematographer.